This site is dedicated to the three great adventurers, Ally, Arthur and their dog Hoover. Their latest adventures are documented in the beautifully illustrated children's book entitled Our Magic Bunk Bed. Please give it a read on your Kindle device or Kindle app, your kids will thank you for it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As soon as I released the kindle version of Our Magic Bunk Bed, people started bugging me to make a hard copy. After much frustration trying to reformat the book, and trying to get it ready, today I finally made a paperback version available. I was hoping to get this done in plenty of time for the holidays. You can get the paperback version here:

I really hope you guys like it.  Even you if you don't, it has been rewarding for me to do, but I hope other people can get something out of it as well.  On that subject, if any of you are interested in publishing your own book, please ask me about it.  There are SO many things that I know now that I wish I had known before.  Now that I have learned the hard way, I feel like I could make another one much easier.  

This book has occupied a ton of my time over the last few months, so I think I will take a break from working on it for a little while.  In the future, however, I might just publish a bigger version with a hard cover.  I think some of the illustrations deserve that level of presentation (maybe that is just me).  Stay tuned on that one, though.  It will be a lot more work, once again, so I am not quite ready to jump in yet.  

In the meantime, I will enjoy reading this bedtime story with my kids.  They seem to enjoy it.  Probably the coolest thing about creating the book is seeing my older kids read it to my little ones.  Hopefully the story about the older siblings will someday inspire many bedtime adventures for the younger ones.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Children's Kindle Book

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thanks For The Amazon Reviews!

Our Magic Bunk Bed now has 18 reviews on Amazon.  This is an important element to getting the book noticed by other people around the internet.  I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave a nice review, and I am happy to see that other children, besides my own, have enjoyed the book.

Remember, my next promotional period is coming up on September 12th - 14th.  This means that the kindle book will be available again for free during that time.   I am hoping to have the book shared with as many people as possible (my goal is about 5,000 downloads).  For all those that already have the book, just share the info to your social networks, so they can enjoy it too.

I know a lot of you would rather have a hard copy of the book.  I am still working on that, and hope to have it available by Christmas time.  Unfortunately, there is no way to make those free, because of printing costs, but I will be keeping the price as low as possible.  Stay tuned.  The best way to be aware of promotional periods, or to get updates on the hard copy progress, is to like my Facebook page by clicking the link on this page.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Trailer

I made a little trailer for my book.  It is just one more way to get it out to the public.  If you haven't read the book, this should give you a nice little preview too.  Enjoy.


If you like the video, let me know and click below.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Evolution of My New Children's Book Cover

I wanted to make a new cover that was more interesting, and more engaging to the potential reader.  I had the idea, but actually creating the cover was still a learning process.  Here you will see a breakdown of the different elements.  Hopefully you like it.

Friday, August 9, 2013


I set up a Goodreads page for my book.  Please go and visit it.  On the page you can add the book to your library, share the book with your friends, and offer reviews.  If you have never used Goodreads before, think of it as a giant online book club, all through social media.  It is pretty cool.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Judge A Book By Its Cover

I am thinking of updating the cover of my book to make it more visually appealing.  I like my other one, but it is not the most interesting of covers.  It doesn't make you think, "Wow! I can't wait to see what is inside this book."  So, in an effort to get more people to give my book a chance, I have made a new cover.  The only problem is that I am not sure if it is any better than the last one.  There are three things that I need to consider.  First, is this cover more visually appealing.  Second, does it match with the rest of the book.  Third, does it convey the right feeling for the story inside.

For me, the new cover screams magical adventure, but loses some of the childlike dress-up feel of the original.  I think the new one is much more interesting though, and technically better from an illustration standpoint.   What are your thoughts?

New Cover:

Original Cover: